Top PR and Branding Agency Swansea: Bloomberg Placement- The Definitive Guide

With over 53 million monthly visitors and a Domain Authority 94, Bloomberg is one of the most trafficked and influential business and finance websites in the world. As a premier global business media company, Bloomberg offers unparalleled reach and authority for brands looking to boost their visibility and establish thought leadership.


About Bloomberg: Powerful Business & Finance Public Relations (PR) Platform

Table of Contents

  • Company- Bloomberg L.P
  • Year Founded:1981
  • Employees: >10000
  • HQ: New York, United States
  • Annual Revenue: > $1.0B
  • Industry: News & Media
  • Global Rank: 1,223
  • Total Monthly Visitors: 53.4 m
  • Domain Authority: 94

Key Benefits of Securing Bloomberg Public Relations Features

Securing a feature on Bloomberg can provide tremendous benefits for companies of all sizes. Some key advantages include:

  • Instant Credibility – Being featured lends credibility as an authoritative voice
  • Massive Reach – Monthly audience over 55 million expands visibility
  • High Domain Authority – Score of 94 out of 100, one of the most trusted sites
  • Thought Leadership – Demonstrate insights and expertise to leaders
  • Brand Awareness – Significantly boosts searchability and awareness
  • Increased Inbound Links – Additional coverage from other major publications

PR Tips for Getting Published on Bloomberg

Securing a featured article on requires cracking their code for exclusive placement. The key factors include:

  • Developing relationships with editors
  • Identifying knowledge gaps and providing unique angles
  • Crafting content showcasing experience, expertise, novel insights and perspectives
  • Optimising content for audience interests and keyword relevance

By putting together the right relationships, targeted content, and optimised content, it’s possible to secure the coveted visibility that comes from being published on This can deliver immense public relations benefits for establishing your brand’s credibility and reach with such an influential readership.


The Public Relations Impact of Bloomberg Features

Brands published on Bloomberg have seen:

  • 50%+ increase in relevant website traffic
  • 100%+ growth in newsletter subscriptions
  • 3X more backlinks gained after publishing

Connect with Our Top PR and Branding Agency for Bloomberg Success

A strategic Bloomberg campaign can deliver unmatched dividends for brand visibility, credibility and thought leadership. The influencer boost can be game-changing for lead generation and sales.

To learn more about securing impactful Bloomberg placements, contact our team today. We can help take your brand visibility to new heights.