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What is Digital Marketing?

In a nutshell, Digital Marketing is the process of promoting brands, services and products online through a multitude of different channels and platforms.  The explosion of the world-wide-web and social media over the last 10-15 years has now allowed businesses to communicate their messages to their prospects and customers far quicker and far easier.  

Nowadays people are spending large chunks of their time searching the web, hanging out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or reading blogs or news sites, so ignoring the digital market space for any business owner is now in our opinion no longer an option.

Digital marketing is simply putting your business in those very same channels in order for your potential customers to see and find out about who you are, what you do and what products you sell and services you offer.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation Swansea

Here are the 3 stages of our process:

1. Initial assessment

We begin by assessing the current performance of your website to figure out what kind of help you need.  We also do a comprehensive analysis of your industry, keywords and your competition. This helps us with the next stage…

2. Planning

Then, our experts get to work with your team to put together a plan of action. We will have a meeting to discuss our findings and put together an online marketing strategy which suits the needs of your business. This is one of the most important stages of the process

3. Collaboration

Once we know how to help your company, we can put together an ever-evolving marketing strategy for your business. This will help to make sure that your company keeps generating new leads, prospects and customers on a long-term basis and continuously grows.

Our Services

Public Relations

Here at Yap Digital Marketing we specialise in personalised Public Relations (PR) services for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. PR is an effective strategy to boost traffic, sales, brand authority, and trust among current and potential clients. Our approach is centered around understanding each client's specific business objectives and goals. We prioritise delivering maximum value and results through their services. Our PR services aim to enhance online exposure and brand authority, fostering trust and respect for the client's brand. This increased attention attracts new customers, keeps existing customers engaged, and strengthens the integrity and trustworthiness of the company.


Branding strategically shapes how your business is perceived by your market, employees, partners, and the world. It distinguishes your business and eliminates reliance on chance for recognition. In today's digital age, a strong online presence is essential for reaching a wider audience, shaping perceptions, and driving success. Brand recognition, awareness, online presence, and reputation work together to cultivate authority and stimulate business growth. Yap Digital Marketing specialises in increasing online exposure, establishing brand authority, and enhancing awareness, ultimately driving traffic, sales, and positioning businesses as industry leaders.

Content Marketing

At Yap Digital, we specialise in creating hyper-targeted content for businesses. Our strategic approach involves crafting compelling, ultra-specific content about your services and products, which we then feature on hundreds of high authority platforms. From major news sites to popular blogs and podcast platforms, we ensure your brand gains exponential visibility and exposure online. The benefits are clear: increased brand recognition, enhanced lead generation, more calls, sales, and revenue. With a data-driven strategy and a team of expert copywriters, we create captivating content tailored to your target audience's preferences and pain points. By positioning your brand as a trusted authority, we drive engagement and conversions.

Lead Generation

Yap Digital also employs experts who can help you with lead generation. Finding new customers has always been an important part of an effective business strategy, but new ways of doing this are always emerging. With the introduction of the internet to the business world, new opportunities for lead generation emerged in every industry. This trend continues with every passing year, and our experts stay updated on the latest and greatest strategies that can help businesses to gain clients online. We could help your company to target a greater number of potential customers in your target market that you might be missing with your existing digital marketing strategy.

Web Design

One of the most important services that we offer is web design. We can improve your website to ensure that you not only gain visitors but also see a better conversion of visitors to buyers. This will help your company to increase its sales and keep growing. At Yap Digital, we know that design is just as important as functionality. As a result, we ensure that your business’ website serves as a visually-enticing storefront and a well-coded store. If a store on the high street had an aesthetically-appealing window but a messy and confusing store, visitors wouldn’t stay for long.
The same is true of online shopping. We’ll make your company’s website easy to use and navigate with a clear layout as well as increasing conversions of prospects into customers who land on your site.

Social Media Marketing

We even have social media marketing professionals in our team. If that’s the kind of advertising you want to do more effectively, then we have experts who could help you with that. Marketing a business on social networks isn’t as simple as pushing out an endless stream of content. Your words, links, and targeted audience are factors that have to be considered carefully. The social media marketers at Yap Digital understand this. We could help you to get results on the big sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Plenty of businesses struggle to reach their target market on social networks. It can be a confusing environment because the market is overloaded with companies that are vying to be heard. It takes a well-planned strategy to rise above the noise, and Yap Digital is the best service in Swansea for digital marketing services to get you the clients you deserve.

GMB Optimisation

A GMB (Google My Business) page is a worthwhile digital marketing tool. It tells Google so much about your company. It gives information about your business, its products, its location, and its website (in order for Google to gather more details about your company and what you do). Perhaps you already have a GMB page, or perhaps you need our help to create one. Whatever the case, Yap Digital’s marketing professionals will be able to give you the assistance necessary to optimise your GMB page for the best results. With a better GMB page, you’ll be able to get your GMB listing to show up on more result pages for different types of searches.

Local Business Consultancy

Our local business consultancy service could also be very useful for your company. Essentially, every single Yap Digital service is a form of consultancy. We assess your company’s current digital marketing strategy and suggest improvements that could be made. Of course, this last service involves the creation of an action plan, rather than direct digital marketing assistance. This service is a form of guidance from our trained marketing experts.